Funding Available for Projects Under FTA Section 5310

BCDCOG is soliciting applications for financial assistance to support local public transportation programs and projects in the region’s urbanized area. These funds are administered by the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration (FTA) for projects eligible under the FTA Section 5310 – Enhanced Mobility for Seniors and People with Disabilities.

The overarching goal for application of the Section 5310 funds in the Census designated urbanized area is to improve mobility for seniors and individuals with disabilities throughout the country by removing barriers to transportation services and expanding the transportation mobility options available. Toward this goal, BCDCOG will allocate funding assistance for transportation services planned, designed, and carried out to meet the special transportation needs of seniors and individuals with disabilities.

The announcement packet and applications for funding appropriated for FFY18 under this FTA grant are available on the BCDCOG Website: A separate application must be filed for requests under each fiscal year.

This is a reimbursable, matching grant program to fund projects that increase transportation options for seniors and individuals with disabilities residing within the BCD region’s urbanized communities. An overview of the program’s guidelines is available at:

Completed applications are due to the BCDCOG office by July 30, 2018 at 3:00 PM. If further assistance is needed, please contact Ryan McClure at 843.529.0400 ext. 224 or via email at

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