#MotivationMonday: Mitzi Pettigrew overcomes obstacles on her path to success.

Mitzi Pettigrew

Mitzi Pettigrew had dreams of becoming a nurse. However, those dreams would have to wait. Pettigrew found herself in some trouble that hindered her from working in the medical field.


Through Pre-Trial Intervention, Pettigrew was introduced to the Education 2 Employment (E2E) program. Hardwork and determination proved to be the solution. Pettigrew completed her basic requirements and had her charges dropped. While this was cause for celebration, it was only half the battle.


Her dream of becoming a nurse was within reach and Pettigrew began CNA training. Pettigrew’s first obstacle became apparent – believing in herself. All her life, Pettigrew had found believing in herself difficult. Schoolwork brought with it a whole host of personal issues, including anxiety.


She struggled with taking blood pressure and found it very frustrating. Guided by her Career Coach, Stephanie McCallister, Pettigrew was invited to come into the career center after class and hone her skills by taking the staff’s blood pressure. Practice made perfect and Pettigrew passed her blood pressure test. A few weeks later, Pettigrew passed the NACES exam.


Pettigrew decided she wanted to continue her education by attending Patient Care Technician training. Pettigrew is still currently participating in PCT training.
The future is bright for Pettigrew. She has hopes of finding a job as a Patient Care Technician in the coming months. Pettigrew’s story is a shining example of how the E2E program can work with an individual who is struggling and help them find their path. Through encouragement and support, the participants of E2E learn how to believe in themselves and their futures.


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