Motivation Monday: Lionel Singleton used E2E to pave his own career path


Lionel Singleton, 29, came to the Education 2 Employment (E2E) program after deciding that it was time to earn his GED credential. For too long, Lionel had felt he was behind his classmates and lacked confidence in his math skills and himself. E2E showed Lionel how to unlock his inner potential and achieve his goal of obtaining his GED.

The E2E program offers small Adult Education GED classes. The small class size played a big part in Lionel’s success. It was the individual and one-on-one instruction he received that led to him receiving his GED credential.

Lionel’s attitude towards the program helped propel him onto a path of success. While focused on his own career path, Lionel still made an effort to lend a hand to fellow peers whether it be academically or giving guidance and advice.

Currently, Lionel finds himself more confident than ever and gainfully employed at Edgewater Plantation working in the Grounds and Maintenance division. During a recent interview with FOX 24 Charleston, Lionel explained that his confidence level has never been higher and that he hopes to give back to the education field.

“I’ve had so much support and positive feedback. My confidence went through the roof,” Lionel Singleton said of the E2E program.

To find out more about the E2E program and Lionel’s story, check out the interview with Fox 24 Charleston here.


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