The SC General Assembly created the Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA) to help build the capacity of rural communities to compete for jobs and investment as well as to provide environmental facilities that protect public health and meet quality standards.  To achieve this purpose, the RIA offers competitive grants and other financial assistance to support qualified rural infrastructure projects in areas that are most in need.

The RIA Board developed a Program Strategy to guide the distribution of funding which is primarily targeted to the most distressed rural areas.  The amount of funds to be made available for grant distribution for FY 2016 is $14 million in the following program categories:

How to apply for funds;The SC Rural Infrastructure Authority’s website can be accessed at:  and serves as a central information resource for potential applicants and other interested parties. The web site contains a description of who the RIA is, what RIA does and how to apply for funding while providing a list of other resources for infrastructure assistance. To better understand the program and the application process Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments (BCDCOG) Staff attended an Application Workshop in July where the following topics were discussed:

  • Eligible applicants;
  • Maximum grant amounts;
  • Match requirements;
  • Eligible activities;
  • Application due dates; and
  • Other program requirements.

For more information on the RIA and/or to discuss any possible projects, please contact Kara Browder at 529-0400 or


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